Renting an Office? Here’s Why You Must Consider Coworking Spaces

28 May, 2020

For many businesses, no matter how good ‘work from home’ sounds on paper, there’s nothing quite like a physical office where people in an organization come together to work. But this is where many businesses face a dilemma – whether to go with a coworking office space (shared office space) with dedicated desks or to opt for “safe option” by renting/buying a private space.

In this article, we’ll see how your business could benefit by renting a coworking space.

Coworking Spaces: A Modern-Day Solution to Cater Modern Business Needs

There was a time when there wasn’t much of a choice as far as choosing a physical space was concerned. If your business needed a space, you had to rent or buy a space. It was as simple (and as complicated) as that. 

Fortunately, that time is long gone. Today, you have an exciting modern-day solution. Yes, we’re talking about coworking spaces. Co-sharing office spaces offer a host of perks when compared to traditional offices. Let’s have a look at some of them to see how you could benefit.

Collaboration Opportunities

Most people working in coworking spaces are the ones who have their sights way beyond “9 to 5.” That’s because most of them are working are entrepreneurs or work for startups. Working with such a highly motivated group of people is definitely an opportunity that warrants no invitation. Not only it could help you explore new work opportunities, but working in such a thriving environment is itself quite an advantage.

Rent Flexibility

In most coworking spaces, your rent is based on the number of desks you want. In other words, you rent desk space, not the physical space. This comes as a boon for start-ups and companies with small teams as they pay only for the space occupied by their staff. You can scale it up if you hire more people and down if someone leaves. 

Zero Investment

When you rent a private office, you don’t simply rent an office. You pay heavy rent deposit, you build its furniture, you purchase electronic appliances, you get an internet connection, you invest in its maintenance and do hundred other things to create and maintain your workplace. So much of investment of finances as well as of the energy! 

When you rent a coworking space, you can simply plug your computer in and start working. Needless to say, you save a lot of money, a lot of time and a lot of aspirins! Plus, you get complimentary tea and coffee if you work at one of our spaces. Isn’t it quite an easy choice to make?

Final Word

If you look at countries like the UK and the USA, co-working spaces have well and truly ‘uberized’ the commercial real estate industry. Not only the startups and the freelancers, but Fortune 500 companies like GM, GE, IBM and Microsoft all rent co-working spaces in those parts of the world.

For a country like India, such a scenario might be some years away but its arrival is inevitable. If you’re thinking of renting a small shared office space in Ahmedabad, then we at Uncubate would love to host you with our three beautiful yet quite different coworking spaces. Book a free tour today!