Why Coworking Spaces Will Emerge Victorious Post Covid-19 Lockdown

08 Jun, 2020

Almost every business has taken a hit because of Corona virus lockdown, and coworking spaces are no exception here. Shared office spaces across the world have had to shut down temporarily and there’s a degree of pessimism regarding the future of coworking office spaces. But in this battle between the coworking model and Covid-19, there’s going to be only one winner and it’s not Covid-19. This might raise an eyebrow or two but we’ve got our reasons. 

Why Coworking Office Spaces Are Going To Emerge Stronger Post Lockdown

If you look at the kind of people that mostly rent a coworking space, then you’d find that most of them are either freelancers or small-medium companies. Now, during the lockdown, almost all of them are working from their homes as there’s no other option. But will they continue working at coworking spaces post lockdown? For short term, they will. But working from home isn’t as lucrative as it sounds. In fact, it’s not turned out well for many people. Less productivity, communication gaps, lack of human interactions…these are some of the reasons why working from home has not worked out for many people and it’s taken a toll on the mental health of many professionals.

Now, let’s step into the life post lockdown. Once the lockdown opens up and the spread of the virus has slowed down, freelancers will be on the lookout to move away from the monotony of working from home. They’ll be looking to work from a place where they can feel reinvigorated, work at top speed and meet actual people. On the other hand, the small-medium companies would have suffered during the lockdown and they will be looking to cut on their office expenses. That’s where coworking spaces will come in to provide a breather for freelancers as well as companies. 

Coworking spaces offer you an unmatchable opportunity for people to work in an environment where they feel like working. Moreover, they also create bridge to collaborate and expand their horizons by meeting exciting new people. Companies can cut down their office expenses by 15 percent by shifting their offices to a coworking space. There’s no doubt that people will be cautious and fearful at first but right security measures will give an assurance to workers. After all, we’re all social animals.

Your Way Forward After Coronavirus Lockdown

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