2021 Coworking Forecast: The 'Moderate Lockdown' in Ahmedabad

17 Jun, 2021

A new office work model named coworking came into the picture about ten years ago. It gradually kept growing without facing any setbacks.  

Covid 19 pandemic brought an unequaled change to the whole world, and at first, it struck the business world and workspace sector. Within the first few months of 2021, many states of India have gone back to being locked down once again. Though there has not been any complete closure of workspaces, the government has suggested bringing the working from ritual back. As the vaccination process began and many have already gotten one dose of the vaccine, things finally began to look up for India. 

The 'Moderate Lockdown' in Ahmedabad

The lockdown protocols have loosened a little. Even though corporations despised the WFH concept before the pandemic, they are now swearing by it, noticing the percentage of productivity that has gone up with the WFH model. However, employees are having trouble coping up with it which might lead to unproductivity. Additionally, after the intense hit in the economy, many startups cannot afford an expensive office or workspace. 

The middle ground is coworking. Coworking business thrives on collaboration and community, and it is not about renting a place. With the Indian economy getting back to normal, the coworking industry is renovating to grow in the post-pandemic world. In this article, we will specifically talk about the rapid expansion of coworking space in Ahmedabad. 

There will be several significant changes in the industry of office sharing in Ahmedabad to build an effective, valuable and safe coworking in Ahmedabad.  

A workplace with the latest technology: 

Corporates need to look beyond the regular office in the post-pandemic working model because the dynamics have changed. Workspaces now must be tech-enabled with the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, automation to tie the office, work from home, and coworking with one string. It is the only way to keep the workers connected, at least virtually. Coworking spaces in Ahmedabad ensure they are up to date with everything that the employees may require. 

Decentralization of office: 

Previously multinational corporations had skyscrapers with thousands of employees working under one roof. In today’s world, that is not possible. To avoid the crowd and ensure safe working in Ahmedabad, the offices have to be decentralized. The system of office sharing in Ahmedabad will be smaller offices in a network, flexible workspaces with high safety. This is the only way to increase productivity, decrease computation time and benefit both employees and employers. The coworking space in the Ahmedabad industry will have a set of “satellite offices”. 

Consolidation of the market: 

While employees and companies search for flexible and safe working in Ahmedabad, the aggregators will see a significant profit. Aggregators and real estate agents will play an essential role in building and accessing flexible, high-tech, and cost-effective coworking spaces in Ahmedabad.  

Large real estate agencies will collaborate, invest in the business of office sharing in Ahmedabad to help them expand, customize, and become more fluid. In less than a year, the coworking model in Ahmedabad will turn into the most feasible choice of working space that is favorable for employees and employers, and productivity will escalate.  

Hybrid space of work for flexibility: 

With the world adopting a new idea of normal in every aspect, the coworking space in Ahmedabad will also change its definition. The preference will go from what the workspace has offered to what the tenants would want. Renters will demand flexible time and space, a tech-enabled safe coworking in Ahmedabad. The owners will have no other option but going hybrid. They will be forced to modify their space to deliver according to the occupant’s requirements. Multistoried buildings hosting large multinational corporations may have to adjust for multiple little brands' accommodation. 

Large corporation to office sharing in Ahmedabad: 

The past year of pandemic followed by downfall in the Indian economy taught big corporations one lesson. Renting small spaces with all resources and potential is precious. The same people who looked down upon the model of coworking spaces in Ahmedabad are now leaning towards it for rescue. Hence, the system of office sharing with a plug-and-play model, entirely prepared for use, is an attractive choice when they are trying to cut down on expenses and efforts. 

Corporations will never settle with less or compromise when it comes to the well-being and safety of their employees. The new model of safe coworking in Ahmedabad takes care of that as well, with advanced air conditioning design and making sure there is less pollution. From comfort to overall safety and security, coworking spaces in Ahmedabad have it all. 

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