Creating Equal Workspaces - Uncubate takes pledge #FrameArticle15

21 Jul, 2019

"पता सबको होता है, याद किसीको नहीं रहता"

अब रहेगा याद - because we are going to #FrameArticle15 and hang this today in all Uncubate spaces. We will remind ourselves every day that we will never #discriminate on the basis of color, caste, creed, religion, race, sex, class, birthplace, or anything else. We stand by our #constitutional duty.

Over the last few years - growing markets, global business growth has increased the movement in India's entrepreneurship scenario and millennials have a great burden to keep up with the pace of the market, innovation, and fast-changing technologies. They are most likely to spend their maximum time at the workplace. And hence the workspaces are continuously evolving with changing needs and also because of the uncertainty within the real estate market.

Workspaces need to provide the best environment for people to feel safe, respected, and free. We at Uncubate have initiated this campaign and would like to nominate founders, CEOs, and HRs to share this simple reminder to their workplaces and #FrameArticle15 to hang in their offices.

Our house rules mention the same from the day it was drafted and we have always believed in #coexisting. We are not perfect, no one is. We accommodate each other's flaws, we celebrate each other's success. We Coexist. We share.

Let's do our bit in eradicating this evil of discrimination-based #violence from society.

Print the Article 15 - Download here or Paste this link in your browser: 

Or, we can make one for you and send it over, please get in touch at [email protected] to order your #FrameArticle15