Find the best partner while coworking

04 Oct, 2019

Coworking has come like a dream come true for all the entrepreneurs, early-stage startups and freelancers. It has served them in a way that no one expected 5 years back. Coworking space provided people with affordable spaces with no hefty amount of deposits. This setup provided them with the privilege to pay as much as they use. With small cabins, they could get the required privacy and with an open dedicated desk, they could sit with like-minded people and work while they network.

If you require a partner for your venture, coworking is one of the best places to look for it as the variety of people you meet in a coworking space is just unimaginable. Coworking space is a unique setup where under one roof you can find artists, writers, programmers, chartered accountants and what not. So when you think of any kind of busines you can see relevant people working around you, who can guide you in understanding the domain and minute technicalities. While you start your hunt for a business partner, you can look around only and might meet your future partner.

Apart from the skills of people, for someone being a business partner, that person should be a friend too. For partnerships, it is important that two people understand each other. While coworking under the same roof you get the opportunity to see each other working, it gives you time to see if you are both compatible to be long term business partner as after you start working you will be spending the major part of your day’s together.

Being business partners means you have someone who will listen to your views and will give you an unbiased view on the problem, business tactics, and anything and everything around it. In one of the interviews with a coworker, we discovered that our coworking space was also used for the same purpose and two business partners met under this roof. They have started their journey together and no have 4 clients on board.