How the culture of co working helps you grow

17 Aug, 2019

“Great minds don’t just assemble on the street to start networking, you need a place that accommodates universally ”states a leading coworking space named spaces work.

Uncubate, a unique coworking space that offers not just inventory for your business but also an environment for you to grow as a team.The people who use it believe that being surrounded by like-minded individuals from different businesses, industries and trades benefits a business in a way that a traditional office can't. 

Coworking has been a trend in recent times. It started with a purpose to provide the early-stage entrepreneurs and start-ups a place where all they have to do is work and not focus on their basic needs like wifi, cafeteria, etc. 

But what we see today is that the co-working spaces are not only being used by SMEs and startups but also by big brands and established companies because it helps them have a place in new cities without facing the hustle and bustle of setting up a whole new place for a new team. 

Community building in co-working spaces

Coworking gives birth to a community where people can share thoughts and also career aspirations. It is found that coworkers together end up doing projects. 

Something which adds to this culture is that cross-domain ideas get a positive response and also collaborative working makes it a success. They experience greater levels of flexibility and thriving, a greater ability to network, as well as a stronger sense of community.

Harvard business review states that “Coworking spaces give some members a sense of professionalism and credibility that traditional remote working does not. “ This is true in every sense as it is very lazy to remotely work in your house or personal room. 

Or if you think of going to a cafe and doing work, it's tough to find a place where you can avoid the crowds and get strong connectivity to work and stay connected to your team or clients sitting in some other location. 

Just the starting of how co-working independently feels like 

The coming together of professionals from different industries and operating harmoniously from under the same roof is certainly changing the work culture in India and especially in a city like Ahmedabad which has been famous for businesses like textile and pharmacy. 

This city has been experiencing a major shift when it comes to working culture, many companies have been 24*7 and reach out to every nook and corner of the world in terms of the clients they serve.

Coworking for everyone is very helpful like thinking about the building itself, the vibe, the location, the neighborhood, and so on. All these factors help people work without really facing boredom and hence is it said that providing a breeding ground for success is what coworking is all about.