How Uncubate attract freelancers to coworking space in Ahmedabad

26 Mar, 2021

Since the change in the work nature and rise in the number of freelancers has been increasing daily, a coworking space in Ahmedabad is necessary instead of WFH or meetings in coffee shops. A premium workspace in Ahmedabad would be the perfect place for these freelancers to stay active without the need for leaving their freedom as a freelancer. Various freelancers like to work from home.

However, many will agree that working at home compromises productivity. This is the reason why freelancers should have access to a place where they can work to keep themselves away from any distractions.

Freelancers do not work directly with other people, but they tend to be around other people. The coworking space for freelancers should have this sense of community to ensure that they are involved in their work and are interested in visiting your premium workspace in Ahmedabad. Some ways to attract freelancers to your coworking space in Ahmedabad are as follows:

1. Offer membership packages

Most freelancers tend to do their job on a part-time basis. This should bring forward a membership package that allows part-time options for flexibility. You can offer a specific time for such part-time options or limit the number of working days in a month for these freelancers.

2. Allow Google to be your marketing tool.

List your workspace for freelancers in Google. All the necessary details, such as opening hours, email address, website details, phone number for the workspace, etc., should be present. It would be best if you also allowed the members to add their photos of the venue with Google Listing.

This will create awareness for your coworking space in Ahmedabad, and your place will have a massive online presence. You can also create an AdWord campaign that would allow you to reach specific customers who are likely to be interested in your premium workspace in Ahmedabad.

3. Provide a free trial

You can allow potential customers to spend one day at your coworking space in Ahmedabad. This will provide the customers with a chance to have an experience in such a workspace. You would also be receiving a lot more attention from more members.

4. Create a referral program

Coworking space provides a discount to members who bring in acquaintances, and you will soon find this tactic very useful. You will be amazed to find that most of these people are freelancers, and they are interested in knowing how premium workspaces in Ahmedabad operate.

5. Creating a social media presence

Create an account for your workspace for freelancers on Instagram and Facebook and upload regular photos and text updates relevant to your coworking space in Ahmedabad. The influence of social media is beneficial in making potential members interested in your best coworking space.

Post your services, and soon you will find your workspace growing with a lot of members. You also need to engage with your followers on social media by engaging with comments and answering their questions to make them believe that you are proactive on social media regarding your workspace.

6. Host fun events

Host fun social events and workshops for non-members, and soon you will see a boost in the number of members in your best coworking space. While organizing such an event, keep in mind that the primary need for such an event is the coworking space in Ahmedabad. You can also encourage networking and collaboration with other co-workers from various industries. 

7. Collaborate with local businesses

You can collaborate with your local restaurants, gyms, coffee shops to offer your members special discounts at such venues. This would help you advertise your coworking space in Ahmedabad and provide these businesses with an increase in their sales. 

Wrapping it up!

Freelancers who have the freedom of working at any time of the day are very lucky. Coworking space in Ahmedabad isn't their only option. If you are thinking about owning such a venue, you must have a good strategy ready accordingly.

Ensure that the amenities and services you advertise are available and functional as and when required by your members. Let your venue be a part of a massive community!


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