In the Era of WFH, the Importance of F2F Meetings & CoWorking

06 May, 2022

In the past few years, the entire landscape of work-life has changed. Because of the pandemic, everyone had to shift to work from home. We might all agree that working from home is a pleasant experience. Now that the offices are opening, it is becoming apparent that there is much to love about them as well. 

Also, all these days, we had meetings on Zoom calls. Now it is time for a Face to Face meeting. So let's talk about the advantages of face to face meetings. 

Moreover, we will throw some light on how to rent a meeting room for a day in case you run a virtual office. We shall also discuss how to book a conference room in Ahmedabad or any other major city. 

3 Advantages of face to face meetings 

Let's discuss the three main advantages of Face to face meetings.

Better interpret nonverbal cues and body language

In the last few years, the idea of meeting over phones and video calls has become a necessity as it was not possible to conduct face to face meetings. 

Although video meetings helped companies during the tough times of Covid, they are not enough. 

When it comes to communication, we should always remember that only 7% of what we say will have any effect. The next 38% comes from the tone of voice. Finally, a massive 55% is based on body language. 

We can already guess that messaging apps don't show body language. At max, you can give some tone to your messages through emojis or GIFs. Further, in phone calls, you can add some tone of voice. 

Not to mention video calls are on the next level. It is almost similar to face-to-face meetings. But We must point out that a lot is missing in video calls. Unfortunately, there are hindrances in conveying messages through tone and body language due to poor connectivity. 

After all, a video call is a 2D representation of half of the person's body. Thus a lot of body language is cut off. Because of this, it is always advisable to hire a small conference room from time to time for conducting meetings. 

Technology issues are less of a barrier

Suppose you have conducted a video meeting at least once. However, you must have experienced connection issues. If not connection issues, it has to be some technical issues like the breakdown of your laptop or power cut or some software giving you a hard time. 

There is an endless list of issues that a business has to face while conducting virtual meetings. There will be days with lousy connectivity, even with a 5G internet connection. 

Another problem with technology is that there are chances of late responses. You can talk to an employee immediately or continue a conversation when you're in an office. In the case of virtual meetings or messages, you will mostly get delayed responses. 

If there is an urgent need, it will be delayed. Sometimes significant messages get buried under recent conversations that need immediate attention. 

Thus, having an effective face-to-face meeting solves all the problems mentioned above. For example, let's say you do not have an actual office space. 

You are probably used to having virtual meetings. In that case, you can rent a conference room for a day and have face to face meetings with your employees. 

Increase focus and participation

We all know that working from home has its own benefits. Firstly, you do not need to travel to your office since there is a flexible appointment schedule. 

You can even do your housework while working. You can take a small nap, maybe. All of this seems wonderful, but this pleasant work life is not without its disadvantages. If you work from home, you are free from structure and discipline. 

You are probably working with your lounge clothes on your sofa. It is obvious that you won't be able to focus on your work. This is because your mind will be occupied with other kinds of stuff. 

You will often think about cooking or doing groceries. Additionally, if you stay with your family, the place is no longer your workplace. It's just a distraction from work. 

This is why an influential meeting should be held in formal meeting rooms. The employees are able to stay focused and participate fully in the discussion. 

There is no distraction in a strict office meeting room. For example, suppose you have a business that generally operates virtually. In that case, you can hire a small conference room to conduct small meetings as required in your business.

How can you run an effective face-to-face meeting as a virtual office?

Running a virtual office and also conducting Face to face meetings means you are unconsciously following the hybrid workspace model. 

Firstly, let me briefly explain what a hybrid workplace model is. A hybrid workplace model is one where you follow both the traditional office environment and remote work. 

Face-to-face meetings have a lot of benefits such as improving employee engagement, reducing staff turnover, and improving project management, among others.

So do you conduct a face-to-face meeting if you are in a virtual office? The most effective solution to this is to book a meeting room. You can easily book a meeting room for a single day and even for a few hours. 

To do so, you can search "meeting room for rent near me" in the browser, and you will get the location of various Meeting rooms in Ahmedabad or any other city. Meetings must be conducted even when in a virtual office. 

Many office spaces offer conference rooms for a single event. This feature is helpful for a virtual business that wants to conduct face-to-face business meetings once in a while. 


As we have discussed, every business requires Face to face meetings every once in a while. Even virtual businesses need Face to Face meetings. 

The lack of a permanent office location might make it difficult for virtual firms to conduct face-to-face meetings. But that is a worry of the past because now you can book a meeting space for a single day with Uncubate

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