Independence of working in a coworking space

06 Sep, 2019

After being an independent nation for 73 years, a lot has changed over these years but not how we work. The traditional offices still dominate the working culture where no matter how uncomfortable you are in those cringy seats and pale yellow walls. The idea that you can work out of a cool office whenever you feel the need is liberating for a mile.

Millennials aspire to work with their set of rules and regulations. They need a place where they have the independence of thinking and executing and nothing of micromanaging. Co-working spaces check their list of criteria. Most freelancers or entrepreneurs prefer coworking spaces because of the working culture, no barrier on timings, and also because of the ample amount of networking opportunities that they get. 

Coworking spaces not only provide coworkers with a seat or a desk but also with facilities like internet, housekeeping, and basic stationery. This helps the coworkers to focus only on their work and makes them independent of the worries of operations of the space and maintaining the stock and paying the utility bills.

In addition to this, it is widely observed that millennials possess resistance to commitment, an aversion to being tied down by traditional structures, a love for open, inviting spaces, the desire to meet new people and learn interesting things. The workforce in the current scenario loves independence and flexibility.

And when we say independence we mean it in a literal sense. You are independent to take your decision about when to come and go, where to sit, whom to meet, and how to interact with people. You are independent to handle your work the way you want. We wish you happy coworking, happy independence of working.