Reviving Women Led Economy by Levelling Up the Opportunity Ground

12 Aug, 2020

70% global health workers and and as much as 95% of long term care workers (source: OECD) are women. Industries like retail, essential goods, art or unorganised sector - huge % of women are at the helm of driving the work and thus the economy. An age old battle for pay-parity is getting grim - women have rather faced a brunt due to the pandemic. They were the first ones to be laid off and the current uncertainty. 

Millions of independent women professionals have been pushed back to homes and are looking to restart their works. It looks more difficult than ever. We'd love to be the catalyst in this process of reviving the communities with more and more women professionals. For economies of the world to revive - it is undisputed observation that we will have to create more and more forums for women to take up self-employment, vocational businesses, entrepreneurship and leadership positions. 

Uncubate offers a special plan for Women Professionals so that they can get started again at our coworking spaces in Ahmedabad, in shared offices or as small as flexi desks. This offer is not a discount or favor - but we have to strike the balance and level up the opportunity ground. We'd like to not miss out on fulfilling this responsibility.

We are inviting Women Professional to restart their businesses, their professions as the focus in post-lockdown era is set on the market.

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