The Journey of Uncubate Coworking Space Ahmedabad

17 Sep, 2021

In the 21st century, there has been a rapid growth in the number of startups and small businesses. To grow a business, a dedicated workplace is necessary. For this reason, there has been a rise in demand for office spaces in Ahmedabad during the last decade.

A coworking space is a shared office space used by various small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. 

A rise in coworking space in Ahmedabad has controlled the demand for a professional work environment. Uncubate is one of the most brilliant office spaces located in Ahmedabad

This space is perfect for startups and freelancers looking for formal workplaces that are aesthetically pleasing and have a great ambiance. Since Uncubate is one of the best coworking spaces in Ahmedabad, this place is designed for people who like to concentrate on their work without any distractions. 

If you are tired of working from home, you can take up this shared office space for rent. Here you can walk freely and without any distractions. Along with that, in Uncubate, you would get to interact with other business owners, which would open up ample opportunities for you.

The decor and the ambience in this place are very minimal, which creates a perfect work environment. There are also separate spaces for you to take a break from long hours of work. 

The community in Uncubate is very active and lively. Also, the work environment is amicable and casual. You can take the help of the breaker zone to communicate and network with other people during your free time.

The exact location of this place is as follows:

1280 Phoenix Opp, Andhra Bank, Vijay Cross Road to Commerce Six Roads, Ahmedabad.

Journey of Uncubate

Among the first few coworking spaces in Ahmedabad, Uncubate is the only coworking space that kept its promise of optimized cost and provided a flexible environment for the coworkers beginning, Uncubate faced several limitations. 

Still, within two years, they sailed over with good response, and hosting a bunch of more than 50 coworker sate was the only coworking space not backed by any institute, company, University, or funding. 

With all these limitations, they still made a mark. They created a strong position among the top 3 coworking spaces in Ahmedabad within a year. In the beginning, the warm and flexible environment of Uncubate kept on bringing new opportunities. And some of these new opportunities post them to expand the space, amenities, and ambiance. 

Almost after two years, the basic Uncubate turned into a functional and pleasing working space which provided a lot more area, good amenities, and quality facilities to their coworkers. Uncubate is the first coworking space that expanded its desk spaces and expanded the facilities provided to the customers. 

At present, they offer different types of desk spaces like open desks, Flexi desks, shared cabins, and private cabins.

Preferable Location: Uncubate

Uncubate is located at a prime location near a metro station and is moving forward to becoming a hotspot for Aspiring professionals, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. The new Uncubate is located on the 12th floor of a newly built state-of-the-art phoenix building in Navrangpura. 

The building itself is equipped with some of the most modern technologies and designs, thus providing a unique experience.

Uncubate has expanded a lot in a timespan of 2 years, and now it will grow even faster towards the needs of the professionals and businesses of Ahmedabad. It will soon organize a series of events for the entrepreneurs' and professionals' community. Uncubate coworking space has come a long way and achieved success. They are going to keep improving without compromising on their quality of services.

Uncubate has gained a lot of amazing people who work in the space over the last four years. The current aim of Uncubate is to create the best coworking space in Ahmedabad by providing holistic solutions to startups, individual professionals, small agencies, and freelancers.

The vision of Uncubate is to expand its services and capabilities so that it can help new businesses with a product, marketing and funding through the network of consultants and investors. 

If you have an idea to take off, feel free to contact them.

Amenities and Facilities

Uncubate provides numerous facilities. This is the main reason why Uncubate is one of the best coworking spaces in Ahmedabad. The features of this coworking space in Ahmedabad that attract most workers are the rooftop Cafe and pantry area. 

The pantry and the cafe serve the best and most hygienic food so that to worry about ordering food or staying hungry. Besides that, other facilities like unlimited Internet, housekeeping services, meeting rooms, conference rooms and many more. 

You also get access to a business printer for all your official works. Many gigs and events take place now and then, thus making the place more lively.

Space offered

Flexi Desk- 

Take a seat and complete your work without any hassle. They provide a desk to work at, hold meetings and sip a cup of coffee without any commitments. Prices start from Rs 4900 per month(additional tax). Timing -10 am to 6 pm.

Dedicated desk- 

you get your own desk which you can use for as long as you want. You can create a personal workspace and what are important assignments without any hassle.Prices start from Rs 6900 per month(additional tax). Timing 9 am to 9 pm.

Private Cabins- 

If you prefer a traditional personal space for your team, you can quickly get it here. You can enjoy your personalized workspace, culture and start with a small group with Uncubate. Prices are declared on request. Timing 9 am to 9 pm.

Meeting Room - 

If you want to conduct interviews, hold client meetings, and have meaningful conversations, you can use the complimentary meeting room.

We have already discussed the basic facilities provided by Uncubate. Now let's talk about the other facilities you get if you have a meeting or a conference. While having a meeting and conference allows you to get access to a projector/Tv Screen with sound, tea, or coffee for refreshments, snacks, or meals on request, printing facility, and other stationery.

With this, we sum up all the facilities that are provided by Uncubate coworking space in Ahmedabad.

Suppose you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, freelancer, or artist who wants to get their own workspace. In that case, you can contact Uncubate now for the same. They provide you with the chance to book a free tour. You can look at the facilities they offer and choose the best for yourself. Get your dream workspace with Uncubate now.

If you want to know more about this article then you should contact us or you can also find out how uncubate can supercharge your career.