Three Reasons COVID-19 Makes Coworking Spaces Even More Important

11 Feb, 2021

The covid pandemic has started a new era of social distancing. With these new lifestyle changes comes restrictions, fear, economic changes and workplace changes. Also, this will affect perspective changes towards coworking spaces. 

Thinking of a social gathering with a number of people for any event seems like a nightmare. When the hype for coworking spaces was just growing in India this pandemic might lead to a slowdown for coworking spaces. Shared office spaces and meeting rooms and conference rooms, which need people to leave their homes might have reduced leads. While this is completely opposite of the actual scenario or at least at Uncubate Coworking Space, Ahmedabad. 

Why COVID-19 Make Coworking Spaces Even More Important?

Surprisingly, Indians have made peace with the situation and the demand has been gradually increasing as a lot of people who are low on cash due to pandemic prefer using coworking event spaces and shared spaces, and conference rooms. 

Though it was challenging in the first few months to operate the space gradually we’re shifting back to the normal demands. This made us curious to find out why? We found that there are three key reasons why coworking spaces are recovering from the covid crisis stronger but at the same time becoming more popular.

1. WFH workers need a productive space 

It is no surprise that more than 80% of big and medium-size companies are still operating with maximum working in the WFH setting. WFH is a safer alternative but not a productive one over a longer period of time. TATA CEO said “WFH is not a permanent solution." 

Well, until we get comfortable with returning back to normal coworking spaces are playing a key role. Many companies are looking forward to renting coworking space, coworking event space, and even coworking conference rooms in remote cities for their remote workers in order to boost productivity. It also allows large corporations to de-densify their office space and run-in accordance with the government. regulation of 50% occupancy. Some companies also book virtual offices in coworking spaces. So, with big companies' trust in coworking space, the demand and popularity of coworking are only going to increase. 

Also, a lot of people feel caged at home and are waiting to join back offices. These remote workers and freelancers are also contributing to the trend. 

2. Virtual offices for small businesses

Many Coworking spaces offer services of virtual offices which offer good benefits for small businesses that plan on expanding their business in different parts of the world. It gives these small businesses a way to expand their business to local economies and better manage their remote workers and operations by planning to book a virtual space. It is not only affordable but also helps them network with a community. 

Booking a coworking virtual office gives you access to a local coworking community that can help with information about local rules, local loan process, admin process and so on. Coworking spaces not only help coordinate but also connect these entrepreneurs or freelancers with their local contacts giving them better connections locally. 

Coworking spaces also help the small businesses that have limited space & resources to use their space as an extended office, coworking event space or conference room on the booking.

3.Community is the magnet 

If you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced professional the power of good connections and communities is undeniable. Coworking spaces have their own local communities and offer amazing networking opportunities on a daily basis from people from all walks of life. This is the key magnet that pulls people to book coworking space over isolated offices. They also offer coworking event space at affordable rates if you wish to form your own community there.

As we’re towards a lifestyle of social distancing, community gatherings and networking opportunities will reduce. And, here coworking spaces come to the rescue with their community benefits of social networks & local connections where you can connect with anyone from a graphic designer to a developer over a coffee break while remote working at a coworking space. Also, communities like these are necessary to helping people reconnect and form new networks in the post-pandemic world.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a coworking office now!