Uncubate is Expanding - Comes up with Conference & Event Space

23 Nov, 2018

Uncubate was incepted in October 2016 with the vision of breaking the monotony of startup incubation culture in Ahmedabad. With an experienced founder who was incubated for his own startup, Sneh Bhavsar wanted to create a space that dispenses the need-based facilities and services for the startups without creating any superficial expectations for the entrepreneurs. If you are not feeling the heat of the monthly expenses and challenges of a real business – you may not grow or innovate with the solution or product you are developing.

Started with the capacity of 24 seats and a meeting area - Uncubate has attracted many customers and played a role in educating the local ecosystem about the coworking space and culture. Over 2 years Uncubate has catered to over 100 customers and more than 10 teams or individuals have grown out of the space and have expanded their teams further. Uncubate considers this a significant impact within the early-stage companies.

After 18 months, Uncubate has been able to,

  • Create stronger positioning in Ahmedabad amongst other coworking spaces which have been there for more than 2 or 3 years.

  • Attract a large number of customers who are interested in adopting the coworking being a freelancer or startup or an SME.

  • Create a significant engagement through communication and involvement with the community

  • Engage the community by organizing events relevant for startups, the tech community, students, and millennials on social issues as well

  • Win the Members’ Choice Award by CoWorker.com for being the most popular coworking space among the members.

  • Provide with a high level of customer satisfaction – derived through google and Facebook rating by the community

Uncubate ranks in the top 3 positions in google for the most relevant searchers who are looking for any range of spaces in Ahmedabad. It is one of the most sought spaces and hence the business is thriving to expand with increasing the inventory of the spaces across Ahmedabad and further.

Based on the learning - Uncubate is expanding the capacity and amenities with the space and relocating to one of the most premium properties in Central Ahmedabad - Phoenix.  With the experience of 18 months, Uncubate has also learned to cater to different needs of the customers, and hence, new spaces will be more functional, more user friendly, and more optimized to increase revenues.

Uncubate is looking to increase its inventory by 500 seats incoming 10-12 months in different areas and for different needs, 8-10 conference rooms, and 3-4 excellent event spaces across Ahmedabad before it goes to other Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities.