Uncubate: The Anatomy of Best Coworking Space Design

02 Mar, 2022

Coworking spaces in Ahmedabad are workspaces that allow members to work together and collaborate.

Their membership is highly diverse. Business owners, remote workers, freelancers, and all kinds of workers share the spaces.

In today's post-pandemic world, a considerable number of people are turning to coworking spaces. This includes well-known businesses, startups, and freelancers.

Working in a good coworking office space at Ahmedabad opens up a world of possibilities and improves accessibility. It also aids in growth and long-term viability. 

For example, a coworking space must have a functional design so that employees and employers can take advantage of the anatomy of a good coworking space. In this write-up, you will be able to learn about the anatomy of a well-designed workspace.

What Makes Uncubate Coworking Spaces Better than Traditional Office Space?

Working in Ahmedabad's shared office space has many benefits, regardless of whether you are an employee, a company owner, or self-employed. But, first, just have a look at the advantages of coworking spaces over traditional offices.


Employees are not confined to a single desk, and they can move around. This has a significant impact on their mental health.


A dynamic atmosphere can help employees feel more energized and less stressed.


When you work in a place with other companies or freelancers, the networking opportunities are limitless.


It is, of course, the less expensive option. It's also move-in ready, and you won't have to pay for utilities or maintenance in most cases. You can rent a conference room at a reasonable price.

7 Elements of Best Coworking Space Design

1 – Flexibility, part 1: "I" and "we" spaces

A coworking space is, at its core, a place to work. So, it is necessary to create private or simply quiet areas in a coworking space where members can concentrate. 

Also, unlike traditional offices, shared office space at Ahmedabad will always have a diverse group of professionals. So it is also imperative to have areas where everyone can socialize while working. 

There are endless networking options. If you are the CEO of your startup, you might be surprised to know that the super-talented developer you require is right next to you.

2 - Flexibility 2: Unique seating arrangements

Coworking space at Ahmedabad has a lot of different and unique kinds of seating arrangements. For example, there is a combination of a desk and an office chair like traditional offices. 

At the same time, beanbags also have a place in a coworking space for a change of scene. Bright swing chairs, circular solo seating, decorative chairs work great to help with the aesthetics. 

You can also find brightly colored stairwells with throw pillows. Now, the question is, how does it help? Well, It aids the brain in gaining a new perspective. 

This is especially useful for coders trying to solve specific problems or creatives going through a block.

3 - Flexibility 3: different sceneries

Essentially, this is a whole new level of varied seating arrangements. As a result, this is an even more powerful tool for stimulating the brain, changing your mood, or simply relaxing.

You can rent a meeting room that resembles a traditional office space in appearance but is much more modern and polished. Besides, you will find playful patterns and accessories in artsy sections. 

So you have a lot of different options to take inspiration from. The goal is to get away from the stuffy, traditional office environment and coworking space at Ahmedabad does the job ideally.

4 - Good design

It is probably due to the reptilian part of the human brain, but beautiful things can attract people. In the case of a shared office at Ahmedabad, it encourages people to visit. 

On a deeper level, good design is more than just pleasing to the eye. It reflects the type of members a coworking space wishes to attract. 

There are two additional advantages to this product: To begin with, precise targeting makes it easier to attract customers. 

Second, homogeneity promotes harmony, which fosters strong bonds and, as a result, a loyal membership base.

5 - Going green

There are two meanings of this. One is living plants, and the other is green certification. The first has been shown to reduce stress time and time again. 

Not only that, but trees are also attractive and add to aesthetic value. The second is a place that promotes well-being and long-term sustainability. This is critical based on the high levels of work-related stress and anxiety.

According to studies, "green" buildings result in a 26 percent increase in cognition and a 30 percent reduction in sick days.

6 - Snacks & Coffee

Even though at first, it may appear not to be so significant. Yet, the quality of snacks makes a substantial difference in the members' experience and perception of a coworking space. 

It is always great to have some excellent coffee, healthy food, fruit, chips, and so on. On top of that, the food station doubles as a collaborative space. People chat here and network while taking a break from work.

7 - Office necessities

Of course, even the most luxurious coworking space will be useless if the fundamentals are ignored. So, it should begin with various lighting options, including large windows for natural light. 

Task lighting and warm ambient lighting are also a plus. However, you cannot forget about climate control. If it is possible, allow for variability in different areas.

Last but by no means least, the issue of office supplies. Paper, pens, pencils, staplers, paper clips, a copy machine, a printer, and other necessities should be available. Remember, the little things make a lot of difference.


Wrapping it up, an employee works 45 hours per week on average. And no one enjoys working for long periods from within the four drab walled offices. 

As a result, all coworking space providers must get the coworking space designs right like Uncubate, see our design in this gallery. And, of course, we hope that these pointers will be very helpful too! So if you ‘re looking for a coworking space at Ahmedabad, Uncubate is a perfect choice for you.