Uncubate: Why People Thrive in Co-Working Spaces

13 Oct, 2021

Uncubate: Why People Thrive in Co-Working Spaces

The concept for coworking spaces is shared, communal working spaces that allow members to work together.

They have an incredibly diverse membership. It includes entrepreneurs, remote workers, freelancers, and other independent professionals.

It is different from a traditional office where the same company employs everyone. Instead, a co-working hub has people who do not belong to the same organization.

A study published in the Journal of Organizational Behavior states that individuals who belong to coworking spaces rate on average 6 points on a 7-point scale. People who work in traditional office settings score less than that.

It is vital to understand what makes coworking different from traditional office setups. Also, you should understand what the benefits of coworking spaces in 2021 are?

People who use coworking spaces see their work as meaningful

People are frequently asked what they do when they work in coworking spaces. As a result, they feel more passionate about what they do because they can discuss their work. 

These exercises reinforce the values of the organizations they work for. A coworking membership also gives members a sense of belonging to a social movement. 

The coworking concept supports that work is a way of life, not a place you visit. People who work in coworking spaces stop feeling like they are going to work.

Coworking spaces contain people from a range of different companies, ventures, and projects. So, there is barely any direct competition or politics. This helps people to fit in without putting on a work persona.

Coworking spaces offer working in a culture where everyone helps each other out. There are a lot of opportunities for that. Because of the variety of workers, co-working hubs have unique skill sets. These people lend a hand to other community members creating a solid connection.

They have more job control.

Nowadays, working professionals are not willing to accept micromanagement. Generally, they prefer workplaces where their hard work is recognized.

People prefer places with no rules that impede their productivity. Work-life flexibility is essential to the efficiency and happiness of employees. 

They enjoy shared office space. In a shared workspace, workers can collaborate with like-minded individuals. 

It is healthier and less political to work in a workspace than in a traditional office. With coworking, there is no fixed time for entering and leaving. 

Professionals can come in when they want, stay as long as they want, and go when it suits them. This is very significant as various individuals are productive during multiple periods. 

For example, there may be specific individuals who work best during the evening hours. In a coworking space, they can ditch the 9 to 5 routine and come in and work at any time. 

In case of a deadline, they can put in a long day. If they want slow progress or if they want to take an extended break to run some errands and come back, they can do that.

Furthermore, you can pick the kind of room where you feel generally productive. Be it a private cabin with your team members or a dedicated desk to work alone. You can get it all!

Besides, you can even choose to work from home, without any impact if something comes up.

While workers enjoy autonomy, they also value some form of structure in their work lives. Due to a lack of routine, too much independence can come in the way of their productivity. The report shows that coworkers feel that having a community helps them create structures. This structure makes a discipline that motivates them to perform better.

They feel part of a community.

The importance of networking is vast, and young professionals know this. Creating networks and connecting with the right people can boost their career growth. 

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of opportunities to network in traditional workspaces. They only get annual events and functions to network. 

In a coworking space, on the other hand, there are many networking opportunities. Professionals from various kinds of industries come to coworking spaces. 

This gets rid of unhealthy competition. Also, every coworking space has a vibe and a community that helps people feel comfortable. 

At the same time, people do not feel any pressure to socialize. People can choose the kind of space they want to work in.

It gives them the freedom to interact with whoever they wish to. People get all the spaces they require when they want to be left alone. 

Research shows that everyone feels a sense of identity here, even those who do not socialize much. This comes from the belief that there is a potential to interact or get any help they need when they want to.

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