Unveiling the Truth: Debunking Common Misconceptions about Coworking

09 Dec, 2023

Concept of co working has become very popular in this new era. This space offers individuals, businessman and freelancers a flexible and collaborative working environment. Apart from this there are still many misconceptions related to the concept of the co working that may stop professionals from considering it a viable option. In this article we will debunk certain common misconception about co working spaces and shed light on few interesting benefits and opportunities that this space named “Uncubate “provides.

Now a days co working has been more in trending because of the changing nature of the work. With the benefits of advanced technology and increasing number of remote or freelancer’s workers in trend traditional office is not only the option for professionals.

Despite of numerous benefits that co working space offers there are certain misconceptions rather say myths about co working space that exist. It is true that these spaces provide a great platform for entrepreneurs and independent professionals.

Let’s explore few myths or rather say misconceptions.


a)     Co working spaces are only for startups and freelancers:  one of the common myths about this co working spaces are that they are only suitable for startups and freelancers and not for entrepreneurs and business man, but fact is that they do provide a great platform for entrepreneurs as they offer a various benefit of providing professionals settings that eliminates distractions and promotes productivity. Also, these spaces offer the opportunity to expand their network and collaborate with professionals from similar professions which boosts creativity which fosters a sense of community. For small business such spaces also provide a cost-effective solution by giving access to fully equipped offices and amenities without that tag of costly rents. Also established companies can benefit themselves by using these spaces as satellite offices or project specific workspaces. This spaces also allows companies to operate as needed without any long-term commitment which reduces cost of traditional office lease.


b)    Coworking spaces are too noisy and distracting:  another misconception about co working spaces is that they are too noisy and distracting for productive work, but most co working spaces such as uncubate have designated areas for focused work which are equipped with comfortable seating and minimal distractions because those areas provide a calm environment where they can concentrate on their task without any disturbance. Moreover, many co working spaces also provide facility of meeting rooms and phone booths to avoid such disturbance. Hence let the misconception of noise and distraction hinder you from exploring these amazing benefits.


c)      Co working space lacks privacy and security:  one another misconception about co working space is that privacy and security wise it is not much safe. Now a days co working space has this aim of making sure of providing utmost privacy and security they can provide to their co-workers.  Protecting their information and ensuring all kind of confidentiality is their priority. For this such spaces have facility of key card access systems, CCTV surveillance and on-site staff. In Uncubate we provide private cabins, dedicated desk and private cabins for more dedicated work atmosphere.

Now as we have talked about all the myths let’s talk about some beneficial realities this workspace truly offers.


Here at uncubate co working space we have professionals from various industries, remote workers, small business owners and corporate teams working together as a community. Furthermore, co working spaces promote work life balance by providing flexible membership and easy access to meeting rooms and conference rooms enabling individuals to create their own schedules and work at their own pace.


It is important to dispel the myths and explore the reality of co working. These spaces provide a dynamic and supportive community, collaborative opportunities and a platform for both personal and professional growth. Embrace the benefits of co working and experience the positive impact it can have on your work life.