Why Ahmedabad doesn't have More Women Entrepreneurs?

12 Jul, 2018

There are ample businesses managed by women - but how many are started and nurtured by women from scratch!

The answer could be, "Yes, of course!" But then where are they? We are not going into the definition of the entrepreneur but the context here is to understand where we see them. Is there enough for them to pursue organized self-employment (not the once-in-a-while freelancing), a small traditional business, or a startup that involves experimentation and risk as well initial funds?

Studies have shown women start ventures at 1.5x the average rate and often with very few funds than the male founders.

What are some of the factors accounting for the discouraged population of budding women entrepreneurs in Ahmedabad?

  • Taking over the family business

  • Joining Husband's business to manage a function

  • Lack of atmosphere to pursue a business idea

  • Lack of initial funds and decision power

  • Lack of isolated workspace

These are just some of the reasons but as far as Uncubate is concerned - we always had the vision to solve some of these external problems. At Uncubate - we are coming up with special rates for self-employed women and startups as well as providing support to early-stage startups from idea to early revenue stages.

Some of the major reasons why women should adopt the coworking spaces:

An Independent and Isolated Workspace

Despite the changing dynamics of families and couples - women are rather more burdened with dealing with independence and their traditional responsibilities. Due to their family-related responsibilities, they are not able to give an isolated or focused time to their work or ideas. It always takes a back seat and hardly materializes in full-time business. Having an office to go to - will make a Himalayan difference to their work.

Coworking is the best way to go about it. Having your own desk, your own space - can just change the way you feel confident about yourself. If you are a startup founder and have a small team - there cannot be a better way to define your professional life and routine.

Interaction beyond Walls

Meeting new people is a booster for every person, be it professional or personal. Discussing new ideas, collaborating overwork, or just making new work friends - it can only add value to your shabby home-bound routine. A number of young girls are choosing to be their own bosses and pursuing freelancing or consulting assignments. Why not do it professionally and expand your work through interacting with new people.

Find Key Team Members

No good professional connections will fall in your lap by themselves. You need to be out there in the market. Even if there could be a mentor who would help you just because you are having a great idea and business proposition.

So ladies, go out, get your desk, and pursue your dreams. Call us on 87587 35329 or post your requirements from the website.