Why you should book event space at coworking for your next event

28 Jan, 2021

Searching for the right event space booking for your event is as important as the event itself. You’ll either look for indoor halls or outdoor spaces which are a common go-to for event bookings based on the kind of event you’re hosting.

But, if you’re bored with these age-old options and are looking for a trendy space for your next event which you can book on an hourly basis, without paying extra for added amenities and also at the prime location then coworking spaces are coming up in all cities are a great alternative option to checkout for your next event.

Read on to know why choosing a coworking space for your next event space for a business conference or corporate event space is more beneficial than a hotel hall or an outdoor garden space.

1. Rent hourly

Most event spaces are rented out on a day-to-day basis as one location can only have one event a day, as it is feasible considering the cleaning and decoration work that goes into one event. Hence, renting on an hourly basis would put event spaces at a loss. 

But if you’re planning to host an event for a few hours, why pay rent for a full day. Book a coworking space for your next event and rent on an hourly basis which will save you a lot. Saving on event space is a cherry on top if you're looking for event space for a startup.

2. No need to pay extra for wifi 

Let's face it, we're in the 20th century and wifi is as important as air at any event, especially if it’s an event space for business events. While outdoor event spaces do not have this facility, they will offer to set it up at a hefty price or you’ll set it up yourself taking a daily plan and get a long bill at the end of the day in any case. 

Rather, a coworking event space offers wifi as a free added service at good speeds and unlimited usage along with space booking. 

3. Can book at a prime location 

Most coworking spaces are located at a prime location in any city. While hiring an event space at a prime location sounds like cutting holes in your pocket, hiring an event space at a prime location coworking space isn’t that costly. 

In fact, coworking spaces are much affordable for event bookings considering they are in a prime location and hence will make it much easier for attendees of the event to easily find and reach on the event day. And, if your attendees are coming from outstation, a prime location is a must. 

4. Both Indoor and outdoor space 

Some coworking spaces like our event space in Ahmedabad i.e. Uncubate Coworking Space which is also a coworking event space has beautiful indoor office space, conference rooms, meeting rooms, etc as well as a common terrace space for the evenings which are both accessible if you book with us.

How amazing would it have access to a terrace café for your next business event or work conference! 

With all these benefits, you must visit a coworking event space for your next business event and check it out for yourself. And, if you’re looking for an event space in Ahmedabad then contact us for a free visit for an event space for business or event space for a startup.