Modern Coworking Spaces - What is Changing?

14 Apr, 2022

Advanced technology and innovative approaches are heavily influencing the corporate world today. Coworking's methodology and concept are a result of this modern system. 

It enables workers from various backgrounds to work together under one roof. Co-working spaces have disrupted the norm and culture of work. 

Working in a constrained office with limited growth opportunities has become the norm. Another pro of coworking space is that companies save a lot of money and time in the long run.

Coworking spaces are here to stay. They will undoubtedly dominate the corporate world in the future.

Uncubate Design Trends

"Touchless" or Hands-Free Technology-Inspired Design

The Covid 19 pandemic has altered our perspective on touching objects. It is terrifying to use items that multiple people are likely to touch.

Coworking with uncubate ensures that virus spread is limited in the workplace. At the front desk, Uncubate uses hands-free technology to check in visitors.

You can see QR codes and badges at access points like doorways, turnstiles, and elevators. Additionally, the coworking space in Ahmedabad offers voice tools, artificial intelligence, and other hands-free features.

Strict Sanitation Procedures

Co working space in Ahmedabad has safe management practices to ensure workers are safe.

To keep you safe, coworking spaces adhere to government workplace safety guidelines. In addition, Uncubate has implemented the following stringent safety measures.

They have rearranged their common areas to separate workers by one meter. All the groups are limited to five people.

There are strict occupancy limits in hot-desking zones, lounges, and uncubate meeting rooms. Seating areas and the Uncubate Flexi desk have been spaced out. 

Sanitation of high touchpoint surfaces has increased a lot. All common areas are regularly disinfected.

Health and safety guidelines are prominently displayed throughout the hot-desking and common areas. Hand sanitizers are also available for free.


Thanks to coworking, the days of confined cubicles and segregated desks are long gone. Instead, working with people from different industries and skill sets creates a scope for creative ideas.

People work better in creative, collaborative work environments. Moreover, since it is very beneficial to be around like-minded people working on exciting projects, these people are willing to share their knowledge.

It’s much easier to begin a conversation here. You can talk to people who are your potential partner or client in the coworking space for startups.

Uncubate lets you be a part of a group of people who share similar motivations and objectives. For example, coworking space for startups introduces you to people with similar entrepreneurial pursuits.

Activity-Based Planning

One of the key pros of coworking space is activity-based planning. Employees in an activity-based workplace move between different areas best suited to their needs. 

Improved social connections between workers greatly benefit coworking spaces in Ahmedabad. In the corporate world, intelligent office design is becoming more popular. 

Using this concept, the uncubate's space is maximized. Employees are encouraged to collaborate and communicate more.

The flexibility of workers is emphasized in activity-based workplace design. When coworking with uncubate, nobody is ever limited to a single desk in the corner.

Since the design allows individuals to choose which space best suits their needs, the activity-based designs allow people to work wherever and with whomever they want.

Intelligent Materials Focused Design to Boost Air Circulation and Quality

We would not have been able to get through Covid and remote work without the help of technology. Technology has changed the way people live, work, and play for decades. 

Now it nearly affects all aspects of our lives. For example, touchless lockers and room access are enabled by technology embedded in co-working spaces in Ahmedabad

Uncubate provides a safe and comfortable environment by using HVAC systems. Intelligent automation technology is used to make these systems. It helps to maintain comfortable temperatures and monitor air quality.

Hot desking

Coworking with uncubate lets you enjoy hot desking. It is an organizational workspace system. Here, different people use different desks at different times. 

It decreases redundant office space. The goal is generally to maximize the space efficiency and decrease real estate risk. 

Power outlets and Internet access are usually available at hot desks. In addition, there are designated call-taking areas away from the desk. 

Uncubate meeting rooms can be reserved using hot-desking arrangements. Shared lounges, kitchens, and conference rooms are all available with it. 

There are a lot of pros to coworking space; one such is that you can leave your belongings at a hot desk for a while.

Flexi Desking

Ahmedabad’s coworking space provides you with Flexi desks. The Flexi desk membership allows you to work uninterrupted.

Uncubate believes that when people are in their comfort zone, they perform better. So you can get yourself a cup of coffee and your laptop and get to work.

The uncubate Flexi desks are not fixed; you come in, select a seat, and complete your work.

This facility is ideal for freelancers, travelers, and anyone who hates being tied down by their workplace. 

This is a cost-effective option for anyone who wants to work independently. Also, coworking space for startups is excellent because of these Flexi desking.

Separate Meeting Room 

Organizations may need to hold meetings in coworking conference rooms for various reasons. Teams are working worldwide. 

They may need to meet regularly to discuss information. Companies are hiring more remote workers. So, the need for coworking meetings to foster a team environment may grow. 

Companies that are a newcomer to coworking may wonder how coworking space for startups works. What features do the meeting rooms offer?

In uncubate, there are a variety of conference rooms. In addition, there are varying equipment levels to meet the needs of employees. 

Uncubate meeting rooms have different options for holding meetings in large and small rooms. In addition, some rooms may be private, allowing employees to discuss sensitive information in private. 

Gigs and Events 

Uncubate hosts a lot of gigs and events. Due to that, the community remains diverse.

Book clubs and hackathon events, for example, have the potential to be crowd pullers. 

They allow members to stay active in the community while attracting new members. In addition, members can keep track of their goals by attending events like accountability cohorts. 

Traditional office parties can become monotonous over time. Coworking space events offer a different perspective and new ways to network. 

Bartering time and skills for monetary gains is the basis of the barter-based approach. This trend is beneficial to startups and businesses short on cash—members who have already joined benefit. 


Everything around us is changing, and coworking spaces are no different. Besides that, there’s no surprise that coworking spaces are transforming the modern world. They have expanded their presence.

Coworking spaces are quickly becoming the new normal. The workplace has been transformed by coworking. 

The flexible office space market has a significant impact on developing and designing flexible workspaces.

Not just for start-ups and small businesses, coworking spaces are viable for businesses of all sizes.

We must also recognize the importance of open coworking spaces for retaining employees. It allows them to interact with smaller, more entrepreneurial businesses. 

You can look for the most popular coworking spaces in your town by searching for coworking space near me.

If you want cowork spaces in Ahmedabad, uncubate is the best option!