New to Coworking? A Quick Guide to Choose Suitable Coworking Space

29 Dec, 2021

Many people are shifting their workspace to a coworking space in today's world. This includes globally recognized companies, entrepreneurs, and freelancers.

Working at a coworking space provides a lot of opportunities and better accessibility. It also helps with growth and sustainability. In addition, the work environment in a coworking space boosts the efficiency of employees.

It also helps with collaborative projects. A coworking office space in Ahmedabad is readily available.

Many coworking spaces are available in Ahmedabad, but you have to find a coworking space that is perfect for you. This post mentioned some crucial tips to help you choose the best coworking space in Ahmedabad.

Tips to Choose the Best Coworking Space

We've created an infographic that highlights how could you join Uncubate coworking space, as well as how much potential impact it can have. Enjoy!

Many coworking spaces are coming up recently. Many office spaces are opening every day in every corner of the city.

Also, the market is predicted to swell up to a good 30% in the next decade. So it becomes pretty easy to choose a suitable coworking space.

The tips mentioned below should be in mind while looking for a coworking space. This will ensure that you land the best coworking space.


The most important feature of a coworking space is location. Location is an essential feature of a coworking space. A coworking space aims to reduce transportation costs. 

It also aims to minimize weariness caused by traveling. Therefore, choosing a coworking space close to your residential area is crucial.

Many coworking spaces in Ahmedabad are located in the center of the city. This ensures that you can access your coworking space with every travel method.

Furthermore, since coworking spaces are located in the City Center, many shops and restaurants are around the coworking space.


Always choose a coworking space that has a great work environment. It provides all necessary amenities without paying a massive chunk of money.

As mentioned, selecting a coworking space near your residential area saves traveling costs.

Coworking spaces are meant for getting office space without having to pay maintenance costs or lease money. If you go for higher-priced co-working spaces, your purpose won't be served.


You need to pre-decide your budget. If you have a pre-decided budget, it is easier for you to choose the packages available within your budget.

You can filter out a lot of spaces in advance that are too expensive for you. This way, the process of choosing a coworking space gets easier. At Uncuate, you will find various packages with appropriate budgets.

You have to remember that coworking services are offered at payment every month. It is easy to find a budget-friendly co-working space in Ahmedabad as most coworking spaces are not expensive.


When choosing a coworking space, you need to consider whether transportation to that area is available. Although most coworking space in Ahmedabad is located in the city's center, many spaces are far from the city center.

So before choosing a coworking space, make sure proper transportation is available to the area. Avoid coworking spaces where you have to make a break journey to reach. This not only becomes hectic but also tires you down.

Also, proper transportation is not available most of the time while returning. Even if they are available, they charge a lot more due to the scarcity of transport modes. Uncubate has more than 3 locations inside the city to ease your transportation.


Amenities are an essential feature you need to keep in mind while choosing a coworking space for yourself. We all know how necessary basic amenities are.

For example, Wi-Fi, cafeteria, parking, printing, and housekeeping are. You have to choose a coworking space that offers the basic facilities in their packages.

Choose a higher package if you need extra facilities like projectors and audio-visual rooms. Make sure you are getting all the facilities you need. For example, a personal desk or parking facility while choosing the package.


When it comes to choosing a coworking space, the first thing that needs to go to your mind is safety and security. 

Give safety the priority while choosing a coworking space. Also, make sure that the coworking space you are choosing gives priority to security. 

The best coworking spaces have CCTV installed within and outside the premises.

Adequate Space for the Team

A list of co-working spaces in Ahmedabad offers large spaces for big groups and small desks for single workers.

If you have a small team, you do not have to worry a lot. Still, always check if there are facilities available for different seating arrangements. This is necessary if there are new additions to your team in the future.

Have a conversation with the coworking space you're choosing to ensure that you receive extra seating in the future.


Most coworking spaces have an open space setup. The best option is to visit and decide whether you would like to work in such a setup.

The typical office infrastructure having cubicles and separate seating is not available in most coworking spaces. If your job involves calling clients over the phone, an open space setup will cause problems. You won't be able to concentrate. Also, if you talk, other workers will be distracted.

Also, creative people, like writers, find it hard to focus in an open coworking space. Some coworking spaces might offer separate cubicles. So if you are looking for a closed working area, you have to choose the coworking spaces that provide the same.

New-age coworking space

Coworking spaces are becoming popular nowadays because they are affordable. Also, we have a lot to offer.

Small businesses and freelancers get the chance to work in a large spacious office without having to lease one of their own. Working at a coworking space is the best way to impress your clients.

Making the first impression on your clients makes a huge difference. So you should choose a coworking space that represents your business. In many coworking spaces, there are options for customizing your own space.

Choose a coworking space in which you can customize your desk to meet the requirements of your job.

Break-out Space

Working for hours can be tiring and builds up a lot of stress. At times like this having a breakout zone for relaxing is quite essential.

Sitting for long hours at the desk clogs the mind, and no work is completed. So while looking for coworking space, make sure that the space has recreational rooms.

Also, some coworking spaces organize events and fun activities to encourage network growth. Along with that, hygienic and delicious food options are also available. So make sure to look for coworking spaces that provide fun zones for their workers.


The Other important thing that you need to notice while choosing a coworking space is the niche of workers it attracts. 

You might look for people like you and work in the same industry as you. It won't be easy to adjust with people working from different backgrounds. 

Also, working in a completely different environment is not very inspiring and motivating. Having the right community around you will help in your growth.


The most famous trait of a coworking space is networking. Working in a coworking space provides opportunities to network with other people.

When choosing a coworking space, check the names of companies already operating there. There are chances that you might land your next potential client from there. For small businesses, it's a perfect place to pitch investors.

Choosing a suitable coworking space will help you to grow your business. As an individual, there are many chances that you might land up a better job opportunity.

Agreement Nuances 

The last but most crucial step is to know more about the coworking space before finalizing. Before you finally decide, get in touch with the management team. You have to understand how the whole setup will be.

Also, if the setup is convenient for you to work unhindered, you should visit the office once before making the final decision. Please take a close look at their policies to ensure that you are not paying any extra charges for perks you are not using.

It could be anything starting from parking lot facilities and food facilities. Please read the documents carefully before you sign them.

Check out the terms and conditions to ensure that you are not handing over your company's data to a third-party organization.


The coworking space in Ahmedabad depends on the type of desk you need and the facilities you want. You can check out types of the desks offered by uncubate.

Also, you can check the facilities provided by them. Uncubate coworking space already ranks among the best coworking spaces in Ahmedabad. Uncubate has all the facilities that a business or freelancer requires.

They provide unlimited Internet, housekeeping, business printer, and meeting rooms. They also have facilities like a pantry area and rooftop Cafe. They even host gigs and events, which provide networking and learning opportunities.

Their plans include - Flexi desk, dedicated desk, and cabin space. In addition, you can book a free tour at Uncubate to check out the facilities they provide before finalizing. If you want to know more about uncubate then you can click here. We are also available if you want to reach us and want to explore our coworking space.