Productivity Hacks for Coworking Space 2021

29 Dec, 2020

The Coworking space in India is growing rapidly due to increased work flexibility that came with the lockdown. It is a winner with start-ups and freelancers as it puts them in a collaborative and thriving environment bringing in a balance of co-working and networking with a community at the same time.

While it sounds like an exciting work environment, it requires some self-discipline to keep you on track. You might get detoured into attending the community event or distracted by another co-worker who’s just talking too loudly. Obviously, this is a small price to pay compared to renting or buying your own personal office space. And you can overcome these hindrances by using some productivity hacks that we have learned over the years

1.   Headphones are your best friend

This one is not for the music lovers but for the ones who get distracted by even the little sounds in their surroundings. The tip would be to put on your noise cancellation headphones and not turn on music but use it to cancel out those small distracting noises in your surroundings.

In case that's also not working for you, you can always opt for a private cabin at the same co-working space.

2.   Plan hourly and set time for everything

Keeping an hourly plan helps you track where you might be losing your time. So, when you note down at the end of each hour what you achieved in the previous hour it not only keeps you motivated to achieve further but makes you accountable for your work. You can also set aside time for the community events you might be planning to attend so that you cover up on the lost time later.

For people who are coworking with a team, planning ahead is advisable so that you can pre-book the Meeting rooms and Conference Space on time. Some coworking spaces like Uncubate Coworking give free access to meeting rooms but require pre-booking.

3.   Find your spot

You don’t need to be as picky as Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory reference) but it’s necessary to find a spot that works for you. For example, if you are someone who gets distracted looking at the birds and cars outside the window then ditches the seat near the windows.

Another tip would be to keep changing your seat once in a while as it gets monotonous and hence changing your seat might give you the fresh start you need.

4.   Declutter and Detangle

A cleaner workspace means a clearer headspace. Keeping your shared workspace clean and making sure you don’t get distracted and can't think clearly. You don’t need to go to Marie Kondo over organizing, just keep it simple and focus on one thing at a time. Declutter the table and detangle your thoughts.

Also, an organized space makes the work environment habitable for your co-workers too.

5.   Don’t forget your equipment’s

You reach your coworking office, set up your laptop and files, and as soon as you’re about to start you realize you forgot your charger at home or you forgot an important file you needed that day. Blunder. Isn’t it?

Then you either waste time asking around for a charger or going all the way back to collect those things. So, it is always advised to double-check on your equipment before you leave for your co-working space.

6.   Taking a break is not bad

It is proven that taking a break between your work makes you more productive. It’s no point burning out your energy working for 6 hours straight and then being so drained out that you can’t get anything done later. Also, taking a break while at coworking spaces means engaging in a meaningful conversation with a fellow co-worker or learning something new about your co-worker’s business while you expand your network. It refreshes you and gives you the fresh start you need.

Hope this wisdom that we gained over years helps you refine your experience at a shared office space. Happy Coworking!