Top companies that Trust in Coworking Spaces

07 Jan, 2021

When the first coworking space was started in 2005 by Neuberg it was soon picked up by freelancers and start-ups as it offered them a feeling of working independently from an office space that felt like their own as well as gave them the community exposure needed.

But, the coworking concept has evolved greatly now and is not limited to freelancers and start-ups. Companies that already own office space opt to rent meeting or conference rooms at coworking spaces as they realize the importance of a community and the advantages of the coworking environment. 

Some even larger companies loved the concept so much that they went ahead to start their own coworking spaces. 

Let’s look at the top 4 companies that trust coworking spaces. 

  1. IBM 

IBM leased a coworking space in San Francisco for 2 years so that IBM clients could meet IBM employees and discuss how to build apps using their services. 

For this kind of interaction renting meeting rooms or conference rooms in a coworking space is well suited as it creates a more friendly vibe where clients can freely ask questions and interact with the employees.

  1. Amazon 

Amazon went overboard by starting their own coworking space called the AWS Lofts which are co-working spaces where founders and developers meet and collaborate – all at a cost of an AWS account. 

But, for smaller companies that do not have adequate space for certain activities renting coworking space brings an added space at a much lower cost and they also have chances of increasing their B2B sales by interaction with fellow co-workers.

  1. Microsoft

Microsoft has also ditched the formal office spaces with 70% of its Newyork marketing and sales team using coworking spaces before the pandemic. 

This happened when they realized the benefits of community building and realized that their employees got more fresh ideas being in an interactive space like that.

  1. Dell

Dell also realized the potential with coworking spaces and started its Small Business Solution Centre in Bangalore, where entrepreneurs can co-work, connect, and collaborate. 

Hence, coworking has many benefits for companies as much as it does for freelancers and start-ups. Few major benefits of using coworking for companies are:

  • added space you rent on basis of your need

  • getting more B2B sales through start-ups

  • giving employees access to fresh ideas 

  • it is an economical way to build community

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